Black Friday fever

Well, this is not a tradicional post here on the website. But since we are on this Black Friday fever I am going to talk about Black Friday.

Imagine that we could have a Black Friday on the United States Congress, what you think of that?  Everybody out there waiting for the door opening, running wildly through the vast halls, screaming hysterically looking for a place in the senate to seat…

Americans love Black Friday cupons and discounts, maybe we can use them too on the Congress…

Or maybe we can just enjoy our traditional Black Friday on our favorite Shop like we always do! But you should be aware, black friday discounts are changing, times are changing. We have more and more opportunities on the internet! Our favorite shops give us the chance to buy everything on the web, so we do not have to wait on the cold for that particular hour in the morning (only if you really enjoy that). And discounts are starting earlier. Nice.

The Black Friday is the day of discounts most famous in the world. Several countries have acceded to date that has become synonymous with low prices in the United States, both in stores and online. The numbers are very impressive and although some people still have certain insecurities when it comes to online buying numbers in the US are incredible. Last year, sites and physical stores moved more than $ 57 billion in four days after the Action Thanksgiving holiday. More than 140 million people made purchases, spending on average $ 407. If we leave aside the physical stores and we focus in e-commerce, the numbers are also impressive, with sales of around US $ 1.9 billion during the day after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The price of the online medium was little more than US $ 135.

Take Udemy for example. Udemy is a online platform to learn almost everything you can think about. From Photoshop to yoga, you name it, and with Black Friday every course is so cheap, only $10 each. Take this one for example:
How to make money: work from Home Selling Websites on Flippa

Just choose this one randomly. I believe it teach about building and selling websites and make money with it. It cost $250 and today is $12. Great deal! Use Udemy homepage to look for more courses.