Black Friday fever

Well, this is not a tradicional post here on the website. But since we are on this Black Friday fever I am going to talk about Black Friday.

Imagine that we could have a Black Friday on the United States Congress, what you think of that?  Everybody out there waiting for the door opening, running wildly through the vast halls, screaming hysterically looking for a place in the senate to seat…

Americans love Black Friday cupons and discounts, maybe we can use them too on the Congress…

Or maybe we can just enjoy our traditional Black Friday on our favorite Shop like we always do! But you should be aware, black friday discounts are changing, times are changing. We have more and more opportunities on the internet! Our favorite shops give us the chance to buy everything on the web, so we do not have to wait on the cold for that particular hour in the morning (only if you really enjoy that). And discounts are starting earlier. Nice.

The Black Friday is the day of discounts most famous in the world. Several countries have acceded to date that has become synonymous with low prices in the United States, both in stores and online. The numbers are very impressive and although some people still have certain insecurities when it comes to online buying numbers in the US are incredible. Last year, sites and physical stores moved more than $ 57 billion in four days after the Action Thanksgiving holiday. More than 140 million people made purchases, spending on average $ 407. If we leave aside the physical stores and we focus in e-commerce, the numbers are also impressive, with sales of around US $ 1.9 billion during the day after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The price of the online medium was little more than US $ 135.

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The Senate Salon

Rebecca Latimer Felton from  Georgia was the first woman to work in the US Senate, back at 1922. There are currently twenty women in the American Senate. So know that time changed my question is: where do this Womens do their hair and makeup? Is there a Salon just for this ladies? Or do you think they just look on the web for the best flat iron and do their own hair and makeup?

Senate Republicans in the US Congress recently blocked a bill designed to give women equal pay than men for the same work. The vote was 53 in favor and 44 against – the defenders of the project needed 60 votes.

42 Republicans and independent Angus King of Maine, voted against. Leader Harry Reid, the Democratic leader of the Senate bench, also voted no, a strategic choice – that way, you can return the bill for discussion and voting. All 53 remaining Democrats voted yes.

This vote came a day after President Barack Obama had signed two decrees, bringing together wages – one requires employers and employers with federal contracts to disclose data on wages, another allows employees to share information.

The Paycheck Fairness Act – the law of fair pay check – would impose federal rules on the private sector. But Republicans rejected it stating that wage discrimination is illegal and what is needed is better enforcement of existing laws, not new laws. Republicans also said that this law will promote litigation and discourage companies from hiring women.

But we have to admit it, the number of womens are rising on the senate, with or without the right to equal pay!

women on senate.

What about the Salon?

In the basement of the Russell Senate Office there is a humble and small secret corner of the upper chamber of Congress. There are not allowed interviews with staff there. Photography is not allowed too, as filming is also barred. One of the employees  explains that they are not allowed to talk about anything that goes on that small salon.

it is the Senate Hair Care Salon, the official salon and barbershop and salon. To get there customers must go through the office of  Arizona Sem, Jeff Flake, a little canteen and a kind of na air-conditioning division. The joint is lined with beautiful wooden chairs and a shoeshine station that makes you feel in the 1930s. The walls are full with photographs of past and current senators, this includes Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and John Kennedy.

Deep Throat and his Legacy


Rand Paul
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In the pre-dawn hours of June 17, 1972, a guard called policeman to the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. He had discovered a taped-open door. When inside, the officers found and apprehended five males in a highly uncommon theft.

The theft was unusual not only because it was inside the offices of the Democratic National Committee, but also because the males had unusual burgling gear. In addition to standard lock-picks, they held: $2300 in hundred-dollar expenses; a walkie-talkie; a police radio scanner; cameras with 40 rolls of film; and sophisticated concealed recording gadgets. Evidently, they meant to be all ears on the Democratic organizers.

Additionally, the men seemed to have ties to the White Residence. A minimum of one had been a Central Intelligence Agency employee, and 2 carried notebooks with a telephone number accompanied by the engravings “W. Residence” and “W.H.”.

The Watergate Hotel scandal right away brought in limelights. Washington Post press reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein covered the story for two years. Their investigative reporting added to implicating Nixon and his associates of crimes far beyond burglarizing the DNC. It ended up being noticeable that Nixon’s personnel had actually likewise: licensed campaign scams; bought political espionage and sabotage; created incorrect tax audits; conducted large-scale prohibited wiretapping; and preserved secret funds (laundered in Mexico!) to settle the males associated with break-ins.

However how did these young reporters, just embarking on their careers, gain access to top-secret Nixon-incriminating info? Woodward and Bernstein claimed that their journalistic advantage originated from a single anonymous informant, whom their editor dubbed “Deep Throat”. But they vowed to not reveal their informant’s identity up until he consented or died.

Hence, for thirty years Americans contemplated the mystery of Deep Throat. Numerous theories were presented, and numerous were extensively considered trustworthy. One leading candidate was Nixon’s White Home Associate Counsel Fred Fielding, who had obvious close connections to the uncovered information. He likewise appeared to be as high-level as Deep Throat; each obtained information before the FBI was privy. Another candidate was Diane Sawyer. She ‘d been hired by Nixon’s press secretary, and one Nixon advocate made an odd deathbed “confession” exposing Sawyer as the informant. George H. W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, and Pat Buchanan likewise made the list. And although the reporters asserted to have had a single source, some speculators recommended that Deep Throat was actually a composite of several informants.

At last, on May 31, 2005, Deep Throat openly exposed his identity. Vanity Fair publication revealed online that former Deputy Director of the FBI William Mark Felt, Sr., 91 years of ages, was the secret Watergate whistleblower. Later that day, Woodward and Bernstein’s former handling editor validated the claim. A couple of days later on, the Washington Post ran a post by Bob Woodward. Therein he explained his pre-Watergate relationship with W. Mark Felt. Obviously, the 2 first fulfilled by opportunity in a White Home waiting room, and Woodward kept Felt’s business card Woodward consulted with Felt even before the Watergate scandal.

Felt contributed in the Watergate scandal being comprehended. His details leaks
exposed numerous misbehaviours of Richard Nixon and members of his administration, eventually bringing the first US governmental resignation.

Felt’s leaking of details also altered the face of nationwide politics. The Senate and Home had elections soon after the Watergate scandal was advertised. Voters were now thoroughly disappointed with Nixon’s celebration, and they elected Democrats in large numbers. The Democrats acquired 5 seats in the Senate and a significant forty-nine in your house of Reps.

Since 2007, Felt was living in Santa Rosa, California.


Does Your Sportsbook Post Betting Lines On Just About Anything?

Does Your Sportsbook Post Betting Lines On Practically Anything?

Rising CEO Salaries in America
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Remember when you ‘d saunter into a sportsbook, or gotten in touch with one on the Web, due to the fact that you wanted to do a little sports betting? You still can but increasingly sportsbooks are accommodating a more varied wagering clients that is demanding wagering lines on bizarre topics that do not meet the definition of sports, not even close. Ambitious sportsbook operators, excited to please their consumers (not to discuss afraid that they’ll lose them to someone else) are obliging, frequently providing wagers created particularly for simply one gambler.

That was certainly the case when one proud daddy demanded that a British bookie offer him a rate on his newborn son scoring a goal for England in a World Cup occasion, 20 years down the life line. The sportsbook estimated a price and the man took it.

When did sports betting emporiums started publishing and accepting wagers on non sports relevant occasions? No one knows for sure, however back to 60´s, when the William Hillside Firm, among Britain’s better bet takers, provided 10,000/ 1 odds that a man would land on the moon right before completion of the decade. Neil Armstrong’s one small step for men ended up being one giant reward for the lucky bloke who made the wager.

Nowadays they are prompted by the show business and existing events and by conventional sports –  (football, hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, golf and horse racing…)

Many sportsbooks now offer lines on a variety of reality TELEVISION programs, consisting of “American Idol,” “Survivor,” “Dancing With destiny,” “Job Runway,” “Fantastic Race,” and numerous of the nation’s versions of “Huge Sibling.” The choices even go beyond who will certainly win and to which candidate will be beside be ousted (or “auffed” by Heidi Klum in the case of “Project Runway”) to such obscurities about the number of times “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson will certainly state “canine” throughout a specific broadcast.

As evidence that the line between home entertainment and sports wagering hasn’t just been smeared however obliterated, numerous sportsbooks routinely offer chances on the gender of the children of celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Katie Holmes….

Some sportsbooks likewise provided probabilities on which dog would take the very best in Program ribbon at the Westminster Kennel Club and which woman would be named Miss World.

The old adage that everybody discusses the weather condition however no one ever does anything about it is no longer true now that numerous British books offer banking on whether there will certainly be snow on Dec. 25. Bettors no longer need to dream about a white Christmas; they can bet whether the white stuff will make an appearance at particular locations that day.

Politics is another preferred provenance for intriguing betting lines. The Conservatives are favored to take over for the Labour Party the next time Brits go to the polls while the race for US President finds NY Senator and former First Woman Hillary Rodham Clinton an even cash choice to get the nomination of the Democratic Celebration while Arizona Senator John McCain is the 3/2 choice to head the ticket for the Republicans. Must it pan out that method, a lot of oddsmakers make Clinton a slight preferred over McCain to take up residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January of 2009.

Cannot wait for 2008? Bet the United States midterm elections, consisting of key senate races and which party will manage Congress, now.

Maybe the strangest of all wagering propositions was one that the world would pertain to an end on a particular date. Some people did bet that would happen, seemingly relying on collecting when they got to the afterlife. Didn’t they realize, if gambling abolitionists are right, that heaven doesn’t have a sportsbook?

The Massachusetts State House

The Massachusetts State House

On July 4, 1798, enduring fathers of the American Revolution satisfied in Boston for the
commitment of the Massachusetts State Residence. Guv Samuel Adams and patriot Paul
Revere put the cornerstone, and Revere would later on roll copper sheeting for the
capitol’s dome. With pomp and situation, stone for the structure was drawn by fifteen
white horses– one for each state in the Union. The State House would come to be known
as one of the best works of neoclassical architecture in the United States. It also
boasts a prime area, resting on Beacon Hill and ignoring the prosperous Back Bay
and Boston Commons.

When the architect Charles Bulfinch created this elegant seat of government, he was
inspired by the neoclassical Somerset Residence that rose above London’s River Thames.
Architectural enthusiasts explain the State Residence design as intermediate between Georgian
and Federal styles. It is mainly red brick with white accents.

The dome, with a golden color, has actually been through a few vital changes. In the beginning the mound was, initially, covered with wooden shingles, but after Paul laid a copper sheet, the dome was transformed and now shine with gold plating. It was painted gray during The second world war to decrease its
vulnerability to prospective Axis bombers; if there had actually been a blackout, the government’s.
dome would’ve shone notably in the moonlight.

The State Home dome is capped with a pinecone. This represents the state’s gratitude for the pine tree. Early Boston architecture, including the State Residence itself, relied upon pinewood from surrounding forests.

As state government grew, Massachusetts developed additions to Bulfinch’s work. In the 1900s 2 marbled stone wings were just added to offer fireproofing and extra office area. Inside the State Home today are the Governor’s workplace, the chambers of your home and Senate, and 3 halls.

Doric Hall is named for the 10 Doric columns that line its interior. These were originally sculpted trunks from pine trees, however today the columns are made from plaster and iron. Doric Hall is home to many statues and pictures, consisting of an 1826 statue of George Washington.

The Hall of Flags honors Massachusetts residents who served in battles. It shows copies of fight flags from all the wars in which Massachusetts programs have taken part (The original fabric flags are being preserved elsewhere.) These consist of flags from the Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, the Korean War, Berlin, and Vietnam. The Hall of Flags is also embellished with murals, such as “The Return of the Colors,” which depicts the return of flags after Civil War combat in 1865.

The Great Hall, finished in1990, is the newest architectural addition to the State Home This outstanding, airy hall is made from tri-colored marble topped with a glass dome Circular patterns on the floor were set up to create a clock concept; a couple of years previously, the state legislature had obtained a lavish $100,000 clock made in modernist design. The room is likewise decorated with 351 flags from Massachusetts areas. The expansive space is used for big state events. A statue of President John F. Kennedy depicts him stepping across the Hall possibly to meet a nearby figure of Horace Mann or Daniel Webster.

2 statues of Colonial American ladies stand on the State Residence yard. One is of Anne Hutchinson, whose religious teachings resulted in her excommunication from Massachusetts.
Bay Nest in 1638. She then co-founded Rhode Island on the principle of spiritual flexibility. The second statue is of Mary Dyer. In 1660, Bostonians hanged her for violating a ban versus Quakers traveling in their nest. Dyer’s statue eerily overlooks the site of her execution: the gallows on Boston Common. She is among four individuals referred to as the Boston Martyrs. Along with the spirits of Sam Adams, spirit of Anne Hutchinson, John Hancock, and other influential Americans, the spirit of Mary Dyer’s survives around the State House.


An Extraordinary Leader- Abe Lincoln

An Extraordinary Leader- Abe Lincoln

Senators McCain and Hoeven Visit Tallinn, April 15, 2014.
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We may see him as one of the best US presidents of all time, not because of his great past, Abraham Lincoln’s early life do not have reflected his prospective greatness. He failed in company. He lost election to the state legislature, Speaker of the House, election for Congress, visit of land officer, U.S. Senate twice and nomination for Vice President. After those 8 huge failures, Lincoln was finally elected President of the USA .

Numerous issues that we consider today are actually not that bad in contrast to what happened in  1850/60´s.  Lincoln had to deal with 11 states that had withdrawed from the Union. Eleven Southern states actually formed the CSA – Confederate States of America, all during his presidency.

Americans may believe that there are departments among our country today. There was a massive department throughout the Civil War period. Americans actually passed away on both sides of the war: North and South.

There were a number of key challenges that Lincoln dealt with as U.S. President:

1. Lincoln was president during the American Civil War, which lasted four years

About 5 weeks after Lincoln was inaugurated as the 16th United States President, the American Civil War began. Lincoln was president when the nation was literally breaking down.

Department might exist in between households. Regrettably, some member of the family may go years without speaking with one another. Are issues within families really that horrible compared with the discontent during the Civil War? Some families were divided so much by the war that one boy may have defended the North while another son of the same family defended the South.

2. The most American casualties occurred during the Lincoln Administration

600,000 to 700,000 Americans passed away in the Civil War. The American Civil War casualties surpass the United States’ losses in all of its other wars from The American Transformation to the present.

Do any of us think that we have such an enormous obligation? Lincoln had an overwhelming responsibility of having the most American casualties during his term as president.

3. Lincoln struggled with Depression

We know that Lincoln (who resided in the 19th century) did not have access to specific modern medication to treat depression,  to take as prescribed medication nor might he go to a drug store and purchase St. John’s Wort over the counter…

Lincoln never had the luxury of having access to contemporary treatments. Lincoln’s job was to handle a country that was divided by war. At times, your problems might appear as huge as Lincoln’s battles, primarily since you are the one who is presently sustaining a particular issue. All of us have typical and special problems. Can you think of if you weren’t so lucky and had restricted access to treatments like Lincoln? Luckily, we do have the luxury of modern-day medication.

4. Lincoln was assassinated

The North, The Union, beat the South, The Confederacy. The South gave up to the North on April 9th, 1865. Lincoln was assassinated five days after the Civil War ended and passed away the morning after he was shot.

Do you believe you feel unappreciated by the work you’ve done? Lincoln united his nation as president, issued the Emancipation Proclamation to end slavery, inspired numerous people while dealing with anxiety, was among the most kindest and good-hearted presidents our country has ever had and exactly what was the thanks that he got? He was eliminated.

Many times, Lincoln was a leader. He kept America together so we could still be called “The United States of America.” He led by example. In his 2nd inaugural address, Lincoln stated that he wanted “malice toward none” and he wanted “to bind up the country’s wounds.” Unfortunately, Lincoln never ever got to see any of his efforts and results implemented. The United States owes Lincoln a big debt of gratitude.

Like Lincoln, each of us has actually gotten rid of problems and has actually achieved greatness in our own method. You might not keep in mind some challenges that you conquered, such as when you discovered how to walk or talk. There are difficulties you conquered that you most likely do remember very well, such as completing a job, winning a race, graduating from school or establishing a profession. Every one of you has a capacity for achievement like Abe Lincoln. It is up to you to find the achievement within yourself.

Wireless Internet Is A Political Issue… Again.

Wireless Internet Its again a political concern

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All over the world ubiquitous broadband Internet access is bringing nations more detailed together. It surprises lots of when they find out that in China the average resident has access to much faster download speeds and at a much lower cost than the average American. Of course the Chinese have to handle that they are seeing a censored Internet, however even that is getting better daily. In Europe a person would be hard pushed to discover a location they COULD N’T connect wirelessly to the Web, while in the US users should go to a certain coffee shop or airport to do the exact same thing. It appears that the United States is behind the curve in offering budget friendly Internet access to its citizens, and short of socialized services, so what can be done?

U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) introduced the Wireless Development Act of 2007 early this year to try and close the gap between the United States and other countries in the area of broadband Wireless Internet penetration within the consumer market. This really closely appears like the Wireless Innovation Act of 2006 sponsored by John Kerry (WINN) which failed to pass the previous year but has actually been reintroduced as well. Particularly the costs is intended to “use spectrum in the spaces or ‘white spaces’ between broadcast channels two and 51 when the change from analog to digital television is complete in 2 years. With the capacity to transmit data over longer ranges with less power, this prime spectrum, now reserved mainly for tv broadcasting, might support a large range of ingenious cordless gadgets and services that aren’t useable in other frequencies”, states Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) who is likewise co-sponsoring the costs.

WINN ’07 might be the ticket the country needs to enhance the consumer market penetration of broadband cordless Web, which would obviously cause brand-new services and products both evident and unidentified. This type of legislature is designed to take quickly, decisive action and correct an obvious problem. This of course indicates it will certainly be postponed. So where are our ground breaking bills now?:.

H.R. 1597 – To need the FCC to provide a final order regarding tv white areas.
Sponsor: Representative Inslee, Jay [WA-1] (presented 3/20/2007).

Latest Significant Action: 3/21/2007 Described House subcommittee. Status: Described the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Web.

S. 234 – An expense to need the FCC to provide a final order regarding tv white áreas.
Sponsor: S. Kerry, John -MA

Latest Major Action: 1/9/2007 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read two times and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

It is clear the definitive costs isn’t exactly tearing its method through the hallowed halls of your house and Senate. Naturally costs require time to pass, and there is a lot of pork to be contributed to this one yet so we still have time. So why precisely is this bill essential to the United States if its just going to let its citizens browse the Internet more easily? John Kerry said, “The bill would serve communities big and little, enabling the shipment of broadband that will link entrepreneur with their customers, students with dynamic new knowing resources and first responders with victims in crisis.” Kepping that in mind, the expense to the county appears to be more relevant as something more than just a device for entertainment.

what is the U.S. senate committee on Energy and Natural Resources?

The Committee on Energy and Natural Resources consider, report, and oversee some of the most important legislation of the United States Congress. 

The following major áreas of this Committee: energy resources, nuclear energy; and more like the public lands and their energy resources; the surface mines, Federal coal, gas and oil and water resources. 

The sector of energy and natural resources is crucial for the world economy. Increased demand, price fluctuations and environmental issues contributed to creating an atmosphere of unprecedented challenges and change for many of acting in this sector of activity.
Companies in this sector are mainly capital-intensive and relevant tangible assets. To ensure the ability to meet their valuation and related advisory needs American Appraisal maintains the world’s largest team of experts in the evaluation of tangible assets. With experts in evaluation at the offices strategically located worldwide, we are ready to perform the review or advisory related to this servisse.

The Committe serves the population in this major areas and helps the society to understand what is oil, what is energy and what are natural resources.

Members and Elections

Article I of the US Constitution says that each state can elect two senators. The US Constitution also says that no constitutional amendment can remove the right to equal representation of a given state without its consent. The District of Columbia and US territories are not entitled to any representation in the US Senate. As there are currently 50 States, the total of senators working in the US Senate is one hundred. The senator from each state with longer experience in the Senate is known as a senior senator, and the senator with less time experience as a junior senator. “This convention, however, has no special meaning.

The senators’ office term is 6 years. Every two years elections are held for the US Senate, each of these elections and for the choice of about a third of positions in the Senate. In a given election, they are never held elections for two positions for the Senate to a single given US state. Elections to the Senate are held every even-numbered years on the first Tuesday of November, coinciding with the elections for the House of Representatives. Each senator is elected by the electorate of their states. Generally, the Republican and Democratic parties choose their candidates Senators months before this election, in primary elections. As for the rules that define the participation of candidates for senator of other political parties and candidates without political affiliation vary from state to state. In the election for Senator, in almost all US states, the candidate with the plurality of votes is considered the winner of the election in the given state – even though it has a majority of votes (51%). The two exceptions are the states of Louisiana and Washington, in which case no candidate gets a majority of votes, a second vote is held, where the two candidates with the most votes take part.

Once elected, a senator continues to serve in the Senate until the end of his office term, death or resignation. In addition, the US Constitution allows the Senate to expel any member, by a vote where they are needed at least two-thirds vote in favor of expulsion. Throughout the history of the Senate, 15 members were expelled, and 14 were expelled between 1861 and 1862, for supporting the secession of the Confederate States of America, which led to the American Civil War. Since then, no senator was expelled from the Senate. However, since 1862, several expulsion processes occurred. In some cases, this process has been filed in other, Senator, to find himself facing expulsion proceedings, preferred to resign. The most recent case was Bob Packwood, who resigned in 1995. The Senate also has passed several resolutions that allow you to censor a particular member, by a simple majority (51%) of the votes in favor of censure, in a vote. But censorship does not remove a given senator of his office.

How does the Senate Works

The Seventeenth Amendment to the US Constitution says that any vacant position in the Senate can be filled through the use of special elections. A special election need not be performed immediately after a given position is vacant. Instead, this special election is held, usually on the same day the next national election for senator. If this special election to fill a given position of a given state, coincidentally, happens with the election to the second position of Senator of the same state, then, these elections are not held together, but rather are held separately. A senator elected in a special election remains in office until the end of the original term of six years (ie only fills the remaining time craft former senator who left this given vacant position), not one by one six very term years.

In addition, the Seventeenth Amendment says that the legislative power of any American state can give to the governor of their states the power to fill any vacant position until these positions are filled through the use of a special election. All US states (except Arizona) have decided to passe laws with specific authorization: governor can choose an official to function as a senator in the vacant position until this position is filled after conducting an election.

Senators may choose to use this prefix -The Honorable- in their names. The annual salary of each senator is $ 162,100 (since 2005). The President pro tempore and the leaders of political parties in the Senate receive higher annual salaries. In general, senators are seen as the most important political figures than members of the House of Representatives, since the number of senators is smaller, the office term is most often represent more inhabitants by state (except in a relatively short States inhabited, such as Wyoming, who have only two or representative), participate in more committees, and have rights to more workers. This prestige is reflected in the political career of American presidents (or any presidential candidate). Many more candidates for president of the United States were senators than members of the House of Representatives. More information here: