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Consumer - April 8, 2022

Khaleej Times – Is reading Newspapers Healthy For Your Brain?

Khaleej times

Everyone knows books are healthy for your brain. You cannot know that they are healthy for you in another method. Modern time has seen some of the fastest technological advancements in previous history. And there is the computer in each pocket & essential access to the information & goods.

Famous television shows are also released in complete seasons, permitting clients to become very efficient even in their entertainment consumption. You can read Khaleej times to enhance your knowledge. This is the daily English language newspaper generally publishX1S D CDXS1AZXed in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates. Launched on 16th April 1978,

This is the longest-running English daily newspaper in UAE. By contrast, the lead author of the research said she was much more optimistic that reading the newspaper / having high-quality educational experiences did assist in sharpening up your brain and potentially assisting to curb dementia in the particular process.

Unfortunately, most parallel to this particular trend is the unprecedented rise in mental & physical illness. An obesity epidemic has also tripled over the previous thirty years, leaving 40% of the massive population at an unhealthy weight, 13 % of the Gulf population generally suffers from mental illness, including depression & anxiety.

The medical profession is discovering this is harder to keep up with. New conditions such as FOMO, internet anxiety disorder & digital eye strain are creating their method into the medical literature.

The raging debate about whether the newspaper will soon be a relic of the past has advocates on either side, but my vote is the resounding NO. As life gets busier & the responsibilities enhance, typically, people discover themselves running short of specific time.

The particular time they spend is also dwindling. So, to let go of the morning habit to read the newspaper is the opportunity missed.

Here we will notice five different advantages of reading Khaleej times, & maximum of you can have similar causes or more. Those who have also given up this habit hope this rekindles a love for this morning paper.

  •  Cultivates the thirst for knowledge

The formal education of you can also prevent after graduation, and continues with the morning paper as the knowledge thirst of you is not satiated, also kept this alive. And also, you can learn more about what you already know & more essentially realize what you know about. You can continue shedding ignorance.

  • Can improve your language

Newspaper, such as another reading material, keeps the love language more alive. This also expands your vocabulary, reminds you of the forgotten words, & teaches you how to improve your conversations of you. This is an excellent dictionary of new trendy words.

  • Reveals you to the broader discourse

An editorial is 1 page that you do not miss. When news is also supposed to be more neutral, this is very much interesting to read the opinions & perspectives of the editors who run these institutions. Also, they have a wider exposure to the universe, & it helps me balance mine.

  • Feels better to be a part of the physical universe

Holding the newspaper in 1 hand & morning cup of tea in the another is the feeling one person cannot compare with anyone. And this cold metallic feel of the mobile tool is no match to the warm feel of the crisp paper, fresh off this printing press. This is also good to begin the specific day in the physical universe, even though the specific rest of the day is also filled with beginning at screens.

  • Read popular writers & columnists

Newspaper is a curated publication & the columnists & writers who feature here have a high calibre. The writers & the columnists in newspapers are also reputed, & so is the universe. You can also enjoy the specific range of literary styles expressing their prejudices & perspectives, as this takes you into the minds of the great writers.

Also, gaming has been creating the headlines universally for every wrong cause lately- violent scenes, addictions, talking to strangers online & the bad influence on the youth. This Khaleej

times reported that the young girl was also admitted to rehab because of her addiction to playing Fortnite. Even though substantial video games nowadays do include highly violent content, there are maximum appropriate educational games utilised in the classrooms.

Khaleej times can improve the verbal IQ & stimulate parts of the brain related to memory & language. And reading delays cognitive decline in the elderly & has many protective advantages against specific diseases.

The contrast the advantageous effect on the brain from reading to the negative effects of excess TV viewing. Research from a renowned university showed that 3 & thee half hours a day r more of television, noticing the doubled memory decline in adults.

A famous study from another renowned university showed the correlation between TV watching aggression and, reduced attention span & reduced verbal competence in children.

For those struggling to lose weight, adding the good novel to your diet & exercise regimen could also help! Research from another famous university showed that reading the inspiring novel noticeably helped adolescent girls gain weight loss success in six months compared to those who did not specifically read. Also, weight loss decreases the future risk of diabetes, sleep apnea & heart issues.

Learning foreign words provides Essential cognitive nutrients. Studying so that learning new things, such as how to play an instrument/ speak a second language, is the best thing you can do for your brain at any age.


Reading can boost emotional intelligence. Taking the long-form search into the mind of the character & circumstances, this becomes easier to notice yourself in the character’s actions. Beyond just the entertainment, you can discover inspiration & empathy.


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